Most small businesses and organizations don't have a brand, or they have a misunderstanding of what a brand is. 

Pro tip: It's more than having a logo and color scheme.


As the business owner, if you want more money in your pocket or more participation in your organization, you must have a fully executed brand.


I like to work in a one-on-one setting where you and I can sit down and discuss your current issues and goals. Then, we will work out a plan that is unique to your business and situation. 


I provide all of the services necessary to develop your brand, so you won't have to shop around and have a long list of contact to keep up with. It's just you and me, friend!


Some of the services I offer are strategic website design, logo creation, media design such as flyers and ads, and fun custom Snapchat filters for events. Click here for more info.


My ideal client is a business owner who wants to grow their business with the help of a clear branding strategy and consistent content. Is that you? Of course it is!



Hi there, I'm Chelsey Strong and I will help you reach more customers. I care about small businesses and organizations because they are the heartbeat of our communities. I understand how protective you are of your budget, and I believe in spending every dollar efficiently. 

I started Muscadine Marketing in 2017 because small businesses need representation, but don't always have the time or know-how. Marketing is telling your customers how you solve their problem. If you aren't sure what that message is or how to effectively communicate, then we need to chat!

I have a Marketing degree from Jacksonville State University. I am a member of the 2020 Class of Leadership Sylacauga; a Constant Contact Partner; a WiX Partner; a wife, and a mother. I also never turn down a good cheesecake.