Most small businesses and organizations don't have a brand, or they have a misunderstanding of what a brand is. 

Pro tip: It's more than having a logo and color scheme.


As the business owner, if you want more money in your pocket or more participation in your organization, you must have a fully executed brand.


I like to work in a one-on-one setting where you and I can sit down and discuss your current issues and goals. Then, we will work out a plan that is unique to your business and situation. 


I provide all of the services necessary to develop your brand, so you won't have to shop around and have a long list of contact to keep up with. It's just you and me, friend!


Some of the services I offer are strategic website design, logo creation, media design such as flyers and ads, and fun custom Snapchat filters for events. Click here for more info.


My ideal client is a business owner who wants to grow their business with the help of a clear branding strategy and consistent content. Is that you? Of course it is!


Supporting Local Communities 

Owner and Marketing Strategist, Chelsey Strong, interviewed by Tracey Thomas of the B.B. Comer Memorial Library in Sylacauga to speak on new new marketing trends, social media do's and don't's, and how to determine what works best for your business. 

Chelsey Strong, Marketing Manager

Hi there, my name is Chelsey Strong and I am a  Marketing Strategist. I started Muscadine Marketing because I have a tender spot for small businesses and want to grow consumers' confidence in them. Be bold in taking the next step of expanding your business with my help in marketing.

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